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Training Videos

Videos from North American Self Defense Training Classes

North American Self Defense martial art school in Spring TX has provided numerous training videos to demonstrate techniques for all types of self-defense training, including Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Leg Knot, Quick Kill, MMA. Contact us for inquiries about what we offer, or visit our membership page to sign up.



White Belt Forms

Yellow Belt Forms

Orange Belt Forms

Ascension/MACE Silat Juru's 1 & 2

Ascension/MACE Silat Juru's 3 & 4

Ascension/MACE Silat Juru's 5 & 6


Seito Ryu Kata Nipai

Tai Chi Sword Form Class

Tai Chi

5 Animal Style Tems Kicks 1-5

Female Self Defense

Female Self Defense

From Sitting Position

Sideways in a Chair

Defending While in a Car

Defense While Seated Sideways



Bunny Hop Takedown

Arm Collapse Takedown

Hand Fighting to Seal Control

Leg Knot

6 Count Straight Arm Bar from the Guard

Escape from Being Mounted to Scissor Sweep

Sweep from a Butterfly Guard

Ascension Grappling Guillotine Choke

Ascension Grappling Guillotine Counter

Grappling Training

Straight Arm Bars from the Knees/Standing

Leg Lock from a Rear Bearhug

Dive Rolling Omoplata

Wrestling, BJJ, Catch

Arm Drag to Takedown

Rolling Banana Split

Wing Chun Grappling



Elbow Strike from Jut Sao

Elbow Thorn Wall

Elbow Black Belt Drill

Savate Drill #1

Savate Drill #2

Boxing/Savate Drills

Wall Drills For Empty Hands

Counters Against a Jab/Cross #1



Quick Kill #2

Quick Kill #3

Combat Shillelagh

Combat Shillelagh

The Jab

Cane Thrust

High Wing and Butt Strike

Student Level 1, Drill 1

Student Level 1, Drill 2

USA Martial Arts Hall of fame Shillelagh Seminar

Pencak Silat

Pencak Silat

Higot Hubud Lubud

Silat... Standing Up



Girls Sparring

Double Stick Fighters

Training Beginning Knife Fighters

Stick Fighting with Eric "Top Dog" Knaus

Grappling at an Erik Paulson Seminar

Wenches Sparring  with Nick

Wenchen Sparring with Geo

David and Marc Rolling

Wen and Eddie at it Again

Knife vs Knife

Stick vs Stick



12 Angles of Attack

90 and 180 Degree Kali Footwork

Forehand Knife Strike

Backhand Knife Strike

Knife to Knife Defense

Beginner Single Baston Drill

Kali Double Stick Drill



Wing Chun Grappling #1

Wing Chun Grappling #2

Hand Immobilization Drill

Pak, Lop, Pak to Lop

Pak Sao Inside the Guard Hand

Pak Sao Trapping Outside the Guard Hand

Punching Behind the Guard Hand

Pak Sao to Jao Sao/Large Disengagement

Pak Sao Foundation Drill

Lop Sao Progression

Solo Training

At Home Training

Sitting to Standing

Stretching and Sparring

Kali Hand Changes

Homemade Ground Dummy

Knife Grip Changes


Beginner Training On Your Own

Training at home. Mirror techniques

Fun Techniques

Fun Techniques

Spinning Kick from the Knees